Buying an expensive cars can be a passion for some and a luxury for others. But either way, having a passion for cars and investing plenty in them isn’t enough when it comes to finding the most expensive cars in the world. Sure, you might have great money to invest in the most expensive new cars of all time, but you can’t put them blindly on any model, right?

Besides, with the competition of worldwide car brands and their unlimited models in every driving line exceeding, it’s easy to find an expensive car to invest your money in. But this doesn’t mean that every expensive car you choose or like has the best quality and features, offering you a class for your money, right?

Considering this, to meet your passion of buying cars that cost you more than average, we’ve listed below some of the best cars that aren’t just great in the price but also in their working and features. Are you excited to discover such cars?
Well then, let’s go explore them below.

Top 5 Most Expensive Cars Worldwide:

1. Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita:

With a net worth of a 4.8million, the Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita undoubtedly serves as the world’s most expensive car. Now what makes this car equally smart is the lustrous finish that is extremely eye-catching. Underneath this finishing, there’s a 4.8 liter V8 that is dual-supercharged and has a total output of 1,004 hp, along with being 797 lb.-ft. This amazing design and making of the Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita ensure that even if you’re planning to overtake semis on the freeway, it’s certainly going to be a smooth experience.

Ironically, what added more to this car’s amazing-ness is the specifications and price of this car. Adding more on that, only three of these were ever made up until now. Isn’t that cool?

Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita
Source: Unsplash

2. Lamborghini Veneno:

Now we all know that Lamborghini is also one of the most expensive car models in the world, right?
But what’s the world’s most expensive car when it comes to the Lamborghini models?
Do you have any idea?
Well, it’s the Lamborghini Veneno, having a net worth of $4.5 million.

Other than the amazing price of this car, this car’s design and work are also completely stunning and unordinary. If you go and take a look/ride in a Lamborghini Veneno, you’d see how it seems anything but real. That sounds pleasing, right?
Surely something a passionate expensive car collector would be looking for!

Lamborghini Veneno
Source: Unsplash

3. W Motors Lykan HyperSport:

Next up in the most expensive cars in the world includes the W Motors Lykan Hyper sport. The price range and net worth of this car that makes it fall in this list are around $3.4 million. But wait! Doesn’t this name sounds familiar in any way?
Yes, you might have seen the W Motors Lykan Hyper sport in the blockbuster hit, Furious 7. This supercar crashed through three skyscrapers in Dubai.

Now with a brand franchise with plenty of high-end exotic models and one-off custom creations for its customers, it’s certainly a treat for the expensive car lovers to find this Hyper sport as one of the major focuses.

W Motors Lykan HyperSport

4. MansoryVivere Bugatti Veyron:

Now we can’t complete the list of the world’s most expensive cars without adding MansoryVivere Bugatti Veyron to it, right?
Wait, you don’t know much about this highly-priced beauty. Well, it’s one of the best versions offered by the great Bugatti Veyron. In fact, since its arrival, there has been a spotlight shine on this edition of Bugatti Veyron. It’s mainly due to this car’s amazing capability to be one of the fastest in the world – while being one of the most expensive ones too. Now isn’t that enough to make you want it?
Also, the net worth of this model is a seamless $3.4 million.

MansoryVivere Bugatti Veyron
Source: Unsplash

5. Ferrari F60 America:

If you haven’t had enough of the expensive car list and models, then this last addition will surely please you just perfectly. Here, we’re talking about the Ferrari F60 America, having a net worth of $2.5 million. Yes, this may seem the least expensive car on this list, but it’s surely one of them, right?

What makes this supercar a part of these most expensive beauties is that it is mechanically identical to the F12. But it isn’t completely the same. Instead, you get a 6.2 liter V12 that churns out a 740 glorious hp. This makes the car competitive enough to propel the car at 60 mph – that only in just 3.1 seconds. Isn’t’ that a speedy addition to this list?
Now have you also been a fan of Ferrari’s previous region-specific sports cars introduced in the 1950s and 1960s?
In that case, you’re surely going to fall in love with this model’s ultra-rare flag-waver.

Ferrari F60 America
Source: Unsplash

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Now with this list of all the most expensive new cars of all time, along with the previous models, you’re probably sure what you want, right?
Well then, go ahead, get the best expensive beauty you like, and make every drive memorable! Happy Driving!


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