Are you a foodie who is always in need of new recipes to try?
Well, we all love eating tasty food and trying new things when it comes to treating our taste buds. However, keeping a balance of taste and health can be a difficulty; whether you are a pro chef or just a foodie who likes to cook and eat often. Hence, not everything you create might turn out to be a recipe for all, making it less reliable. At times like these, it’s highly better and reliable to look for the Most Popular Recipes You Need To Try in 2021 that keep a balance of taste and health properly.

But wait! Are you just going to try out the same and boring recipes that have been there and are a common part of every home’s meal for ages?
Well, we’ve all tasted them a thousand times now (and I’m sure you can imagine a few such recipes for all instantly). However, if it’s about treating your taste buds with something tasty and healthy in the year 2021, then you need new recipes to try in the New Year. Besides, change is always a great initiative, right? So to help you try out the most popular recipes of all time (that are also different and uncommon), let’s explore some best options below.

5 Most Popular Tasty and Healthy Recipes:

1.     Easy Chicken Poke Bowl:

Easy Chicken Poke Bowl
Source: Unsplash

If you’re planning a holiday idea for dinner with your friends and family member and you can’t afford sushi-grade fish, then a better and easier alternative is this easy chicken poke bowl recipes for all. Now even though this isn’t a traditional poke recipe, you can still avail of the amazing experience and taste of having a juicy chicken in the bowl. That sounds interesting, right?
Then go try this easy recipe out!

2.     Coconut Crusted Turkey Fingers:

Coconut Crusted Turkey Fingers
Source: Unsplash

So you want to plan a meal for a light supper?
This sounds like you want a light snack that might be healthy and tasty equally, right?
Well, I have a plan! Then why not try this tasty and easy coconut-crusted turkey fingers recipe by air frying them?
Additionally, you can top it off with a plum dipping sauce to enhance the juicy crispy, and creamy taste of this light supper.

3.     Easy Mediterranean Sole:

Easy Mediterranean Sole
Source: Unsplash

Are you up for easy and best recipes ever ; that are full of flavors?
Then this easy Mediterranean Sole recipe will be the perfect treat to fill your tummy and please your taste buds fully. To complete this dish, you can top it off with any steamed white fish instead of a sole, and complete the yummy, easy, and healthy recipe idea for dinner.


4.     Cumin Spiced Lentil Burgers:

Cumin Spiced Lentil Burgers
Source: Unsplash

Are you more in love with snacks like hamburgers?
Well, we all love having these tasty treats occasionally. Butwhat I mean is that you can create new recipes to try; that are easy, healthy and equally tasty – all coming from a burger?
Sounds like something you’d adore, right?
Well then, go ahead and try out this cumin-spiced lentil burger recipe for all. However, if you’re veg then you can also turn this recipe into a vegan lentil burger. Moreover, for all the chili lovers, adding some extra hot red chili powder or crushed red chili peppers is surely the best way to make it a perfect burger treat that will never make you bored.

5.     Tasty Kimchi Cauliflower Fried Rice:

Tasty Kimchi Cauliflower Fried Rice
Source: Unsplash

Are you up for a tasty and unique breakfast?
Now we’ve all tried the basic omelet recipes in our morning meals. But that’s it to that! So instead of having a plain omelet, why not add some extra ingredients and make a tasty kimchi cauliflower fried rice recipe?
Doesn’t that sound interesting?
Plus, this healthy tasting recipe also comes with the option of either adding bacon or leaving it out for your veg family members – and replacing it with some tasty veggies.


For any passionate foodie or cook, trying out new and tasting recipes is more like a hobby. But you can’t always think of an interesting recipe when you are out of motivation or ideas. That’s when the internet comes to your rescue, right?
However, this list of just the perfect easy, tasty, and healthy cooking recipe ideas are sure to keep your desire for unique recipes fulfilled – without having to get stuck in tons of irrelevant or boring ideas.

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Isn’t that what you needed?
Well then, what are you waiting for?
Go ahead, try out these most popular recipes of all time (all one by one), and pick your personal favorite! Happy Eating!


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