Do you consider both America and Europe to fall in the western culture, i.e. meaning that they are similar to each other?
Is this the perception you hold that makes it hard for you to learn the difference in European and American culture?
Now even though everyone includes Europe, America, Australia, and other nations all in the western civilization, there’s a lot that makes them different from each other. Hence, the wondrous differences between both continents create a large wall between them. This means that the misconception of America and Europe both being of western civilization has no firm statements behind it.

Now is that all to convince you about this huge fact?
No, right?
We thought so! Hence, to help you get a clearer idea on why America and Europe both don’t fall as one in the western civilization; we’ve discovered below some factors that make you understand what is European American culture?
So are you excited to learn more about some of the Europe vs. انواع لعبة الطاولة US culture?
Let’s go then!

Major Differences:

Religious Difference:

Starting with the base of any continent, i.e. its religion, there’s no doubt that both America and Europe are completely different in their religions. This mainly refers to how religious American’s are, while the Europeans aren’t found to visit Church on normal days. Just how much of a common and popular practice it is for American’s to visit Church now and then; Europeans visit their holy place only on special events.

Moreover, you might also notice how often American politicians and common people mention God. While on the other hand, Europeans hardly do that.

What is the Difference between Americans and Europeans Culture
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Holiday Differences:

Another difference in Europe and America culture is the different public holidays both continents support. Now we might find most of the worldwide holidays to be celebrated in both Europe and America too. But other than that, If we look at some special holidays like Labor Day or May-day which is held on the 1st of May, it is commonly considered a national holiday in a lot of European countries. However, not all American countries support this holiday as a national one.

Language Differences:

Another huge difference in European and American lifestyle is the common language used by their natives. This doesn’t mean that European countries and American countries don’t use English as a similar language. But both have different additional criteria of language for their residents.

This means that European countries demand foreign-language learning in every country. This rule is applied in the elementary schools; making the Europeans learn at least 4 -5 languages. Well, this does serve them as a useful skill for different reasons. However, if we talk about American countries, English is the only necessary language that is considered compulsory there. Moreover, learning their mother tongue language for visitors can be the max requirements in terms of language in American countries. Now that’s enough to help everyone in this huge country, right?

What is the Difference between Americans and Europeans Culture
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Political Differences:

Next up in the list of learning what is European American culture is their political difference. Here, if we discuss the different negligence criteria in both these countries, both America and Europe allow different types of political criteria among their residents.

This means that European countries are more accepting of soft drugs, alcohol consumption, abortion, prostitution, and cloning (just not for GM food). Yet, American countries allow opposite political factors. This includes gun possession and driving permission at a younger age, i.e. ages around 14 to 16. However, the normal driving age in European countries starts from 18.

Custom Differences:

Moving on to the next difference in Europe and America culture, both these countries also have different social customs. Here, we can refer to the plenty of social customs that are celebrated in the US for ages. While in Europe; they have only found their way in some countries (and in most, they are still considered typical American customs). This includes the trends of celebrating baby showers and bachelorette parties with strip-teasers. Additionally, this also includes Thanksgiving and Halloween.

Moving ahead in the social custom difference, specific days celebrated in America as their marketing strategies including Black Friday and Cyber Monday; even they aren’t actively visible in European countries.

What is the Difference between Americans and Europeans Culture
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Food Differences:

So food is just different in every country, right? They all have their specialties and unique menus to offer to the natives and the visitors/migrants. But when we talk about the European and American lifestyle, there’s certainly a unique food difference lying there too. Don’t know much about it?

Well, we’re talking about how Europeans are more directed towards eating varied and balanced meals – mainly in the southern cultures. Even though they have plenty of traditional dishes that can be different in their different regions, but all of them have some things in common, i. لعبه كره السله e. more usage of cheese, yogurt, more wine, and stronger beer.

On the other hand, American culture is undoubtedly all about fast food. Moreover, they are commonly found consuming sweeter meals and plenty of soft drinks. What makes the beer and wine different in both regions is their different alcohol law. ما هي بطاقة american express This means that America has a stricter alcohol law that only allows its consumption after 21 ages. Moreover, punishment for breaking age controlling laws is also more strictly followed in America, than in Europe.

What is the Difference between Americans and Europeans Culture
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When it comes to learning about the difference in Europe vs US culture, there’s a lot more to discuss in detail. This may include sports differences, government differences, schooling differences, and much more. All this adds to how even when both America and Europe are considered one in ‘western civilization’, they are opposite even with specific similarities in the culture.

Hence, now you’ve probably had a clearer idea of how is European American culture and the difference between European and American lifestyle!


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